About Us

CV Multi Prima, industrial electronics repair, electronic equipment repair specialist for industrial electronics and public facilities.

We undertake repair of the electronics industry since 2004, such as robots, AC & DC drives, servo controller, servo amplifiers, PLCs, welding equipment, timers, counters, inverters, sensors, video products, CCD camera, LCD, CRT, industrial control, power switching supply, PCB assembly, audio and public address equipment, audio mixer, audio power amplifier, professional audio equipment, and more.

CV Multi Prima perform industrial electronic repairs reliable service to customers throughout Indonesia and we want to serve your electronic needs as possible

Over the years the workshop repair the electronics industry we have developed extensive repair capabilities for various types of industrial control.

What we can do for you ?

We provide repair services for industrial electronic equipment. Besides, we sell new and used spare parts with the reasonable prices.

We also provide a variety of electronic components for industrial use. Please visit our website.



Industrial electronics repair and spare parts : www.multiprimacv.com

Industrial electronics component : TOKO DEVATRONIK